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Healthy eyes are important to your overall quality of life. Your eyes allow you to perceive the world around you, and when they’re impaired or in pain, you’ll truly feel it. Unfortunately, your eyes are susceptible to a wide variety of conditions and injuries. That’s why it’s important to have a relationship with an experienced eye specialist in whom you can trust.

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At Haas Vision Center, our team of highly-trained eye doctors can help you find relief from a number of eye conditions, from infections to traumatic injuries. We understand the pain, discomfort and lowered quality of life that can come with impaired eyes — we’re here to provide treatment and keep your eyes as healthy as possible. As a small practice, we promise to take the time to answer every question you have before you leave our office, keeping our focus on our patients and putting them first.

When it comes to taking care of your eyes, it’s vital to find high-quality care and place your trust in the best eye specialist Colorado Springs has to offer. If you’re ready to experience clarity, peace of mind, and the patient-first vision care you deserve, schedule your first appointment at Haas Vision Center today.

eye Infection Treatments in Colorado Springs, CO

Eye Infection:

Pink Eye, Styes, Keratitis & More

Eye infections are somewhat common, but that doesn’t make them any less uncomfortable, painful, and in need of treatment. If your eye is infected, it’s important that you receive medical care from a highly-trained professional as soon as possible.

The team at Haas Vision Center is experienced in treating a variety of eye infections. The most common types of infections Dr. Haas and Dr. Davis see at our office include:

Pink Eye

A bacterial or viral infection of the conjunctiva that can turn your eye pink.


An inflammation of the cornea that has a variety of causes from bacteria and viruses to parasites which particularly affects people who wear contact lenses.


A painful red bump on the eyelid caused by a bacterial infection of the oil glands in your lid or lashes.


A viral or autoimmune inflammation of the uvea, or the center layer of your eye.

In order to determine which type of infection is causing your symptoms, Dr. Haas or Dr. Davis will closely examine your eye, and may even require a sample of your eye’s tissue or fluid. These findings will help inform your treatment plan, which your ophthalmologist will discuss closely with you to ensure you’re knowledgeable and comfortable moving forward.

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Treating, Diagnosing & Preventing Chalazions

If a chalazion develops on your eye, it can be uncomfortable, frightening, and even painful at first. These red, highly visible bumps form over time when one of the tiny oil glands in your eyelid becomes blocked, generally on the upper eyelid but sometimes on the lower eyelid. When that gland is blocked, oil builds up inside it and begins to swell; the fluid inside will ultimately drain, but you may be left with a hard bump that forms the chalazion.

While many chalazia can be treated at home and will subside within a month or so, some patients need medical intervention in order to find relief. If necessary, Dr. Haas or Dr. Davis will make a small incision in the cyst with the intention of draining the fluid inside. They may also prescribe steroid injections to minimize inflammation and swelling during the healing process. 

While it can be tempting to touch or pop a chalazion, do not attempt to pop it! You may end up doing serious damage to your eye. If your chalazion is persistent, schedule an appointment at Haas Vision Center and allow a professional to treat you.

Applying treatment to an eyelid with Chalazion in Springs, CO

Shingles Eye Care in Colorado Springs

How Are Shingles & Eye Care Correlated?

You may be familiar with shingles (formally known as varicella-zoster), the viral infection that causes chickenpox and can re-emerge later in life to create a rash characterized by painful blisters that appear on the torso and occasionally the face. But did you know that in 10-20% of people who are affected by shingles, this rash appears around or even inside the eye?

Known specifically as ophthalmic herpes zoster, shingles symptoms that present in the eye can cause a number of long-term complications, including vision loss and scarring. Once you’ve been diagnosed with ophthalmic herpes zoster by the team at Haas Vision Center, you may be treated with one of several antiviral medications, including:

  • Famvir (famciclovir)
  • Valtrex (valacyclovir)
  • Zovirax (acyclovir)

These medications will be prescribed with the intention of stopping the spread of the virus, as well as helping to accelerate the healing process of the rash and relieve any pain you may be feeling as a result. If you’re experiencing symptoms of shingles, it’s important to receive treatment as soon as you possibly can — if you begin medication within three days of the rash appearing, you’re far more likely to avoid these long-term effects.

Treating Corneal Abrasions, Foreign Object Injuries, & More

Expert Treatment For Eye Injuries

Our eyes are positioned front and center, allowing us to perceive the world around us as we need — but this position, along with their delicate makeup, also makes our eyes vulnerable to injury. Eye trauma is common, but it can be extremely painful, and should be treated right away to avoid long-term complications.

Some of the most common eye injuries we treat at Haas Vision Center include:

  • Blunt trauma, which can happen if something hits your eye or the surrounding area with great force.
  • Foreign or penetrating object injuries, which can happen if something sharp punctures your eye and require immediate care to prevent permanent damage
  • Corneal abrasions, otherwise known as a scratch on the surface of your eye, which can become susceptible to infection without proper medical care
  • Burst blood vessels, which can result in leakage of blood into the eye
  • Chemical burns, most commonly from acidic substances or alkaline substances like certain popular types of cleaner.

If your eye has been injured, it’s important to receive medical treatment as soon as you possibly can. The team at Haas Vision Center can help you recover from eye trauma, preserve your vision, and return to life as normal following your injury.

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If your eye has been injured, it’s important to receive medical treatment as soon as you possibly can.

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