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Cataract Symptoms

What is a Cataract?

Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye, which is supposed to be clear, is clouded. When a cataract clouds over your eye, your lens can’t focus on light in the same way, which leads to blurry vision or vision loss. Cataracts can develop slowly over time, and often are accompanied by aging.

Some of the most common symptoms of cataracts include:

Blurry Vision

If your vision looks blurry, foggy, or filmy, you may have a cataract.

Light Sensitivity

Those with cataracts may experience sensitivity to bright lights or sunlight.


If you see a halo around lights, this could mean a glare in your vision.

Sudden Changes in Sight

If you’ve experienced a sudden change in your prescription glasses, or sudden nearsightedness, you may have a cataract.

Poor Night Vision

Someone with a cataract may have difficulty seeing in the dark.

Cataracts are very common among older adults. If you or someone you love is struggling with cataracts,  Haas Vision Center offers multiple surgeries and treatments. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 719-272-4227

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Cataract Treatment and Removal Options

Cataract & YAG Surgery

If you’re in need of cataract treatment and removal to improve your vision, a solution is available to help you find relief. Fortunately, cataract treatment is a specialty at Haas Vision Center. Our experts can perform highly-successful cataract surgery to help you see as clearly as possible.

Learn more about how we treat cataracts:

Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, a tiny incision is made in the eye and removes the cataract. A synthetic lens can be inserted into the eye to replace the damaged one. This is a safe procedure that usually does not require any hospital stay.

YAG Surgery

After cataract surgery, it is possible that a protein film can form along the posterior capsule. Any cells left behind during the surgery can produce this protein. During a YAG Laser Capsulotomy, the eye is dilated and the laser clears the protein film, restoring vision. YAG surgery is quick and painless, and you shouldn’t need it again after it is completed.

If you need cataract surgery, or have had cataract surgery and need a YAG Laser Capsulotomy, schedule your appointment today at Haas Vision Center with the best doctors for cataract surgery near you.

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Vivity & Toric
Corrective Lenses

During cataract surgery, a new lens will be inserted to replace your damaged one. You can choose which lens is the right fit for you with the guidance of an ophthalmologist. Haas Vision Center offers two corrective lenses to insert during cataract surgery.

Vivity Lens

The vivity lens uses non-diffractive technology called X-wave, allowing them to see with all available light. So no matter what kind of lighting you’re in, you have an uninterrupted range of vision. You’ll be able to see both far away and up close. Vivity lenses often lower people’s dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.

Toric Lens

The Toric lens is good for patients with astigmatism. This lens is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate astigmatism during cataract surgery. Many patients who choose this lens don’t need to wear distance glasses anymore after surgery.

Based on your vision condition and your preferences, you can decide which lens you need. If you have an astigmatism, the toric lens may be your best option. If you don’t want to be as reliant on glasses as you were, then the vivity lens could be right for you.

Your qualified ophthalmologist will help you in making the best decision for you. Schedule your appointment today at Haas Vision Center with an ophthalmology surgeon.

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Cataracts Specialist in Colorado Springs, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Cataracts?

While cataracts are very common, and are typically a part of aging, there are many different things that cause them. Some of them are:

  • Diabetes – Diabetes can often lead to developing cataracts. 
  • Drugs or Steroids – Many drugs or steroids can cause cataracts, like those used to treat arthritis, lupus, bipolar disorder, and more. 
  • UV Damage – Spending a lot of time in the sun without proper eye protection can also cause cataracts. 
What Does YAG Stand For?

YAG stands for Yttrium, Aluminum, and Garnet. These are the crystals that generate the laser used in the surgery. The non-damaging laser delivers a focused beam of light to make small openings in the posterior capsule and to remove the clouding from the membrane. Since the laser is a focused beam, that means that it will only affect the tissue it is focused on, so nothing will happen if you blink, move, etc.

Are Cataracts Painful?

Cataracts aren’t usually accompanied by pain. However, they can make your eyes sensitive to light, which causes significant discomfort in many patients.

How Do I Get Started With A Cataract Specialist Near Me?

If you are looking for an experienced eye specialist in Colorado Springs, visit Haas Vision Center. Our Colorado ophthalmology office is located at 6760 Corporate Drive, Suite 180, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. Schedule your appointment online today, or call us at 719-272-4227